Fresca (Noe Valley)

Welcome to Fresca. We’re serving curiously unique Peruvian cuisine in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood. Fresca represents the area’s premier Nouveau Peruvian dining establishment, bringing a personal rendition of this out-of-the-ordinary cooking style to a city renowned for its eateries. Typical methods of Peruvian kitchen applications have been turned on their heads here, with elements such as fine Peruvian produce and a legacy of our food culture being transformed by what we like to call an “innovative gastronomic approach.”

We trace our roots back to 1978, when Julio Calvo-Perez and his wife Zoila came to California from Peru bursting with culturally-driven and inspired aspirations. Recalling culinary cues from his childhood when his grandmother Maria Olinda would bake in the kitchen, the essences of cilantro, cumin, cabritos and huacatay filling the air – as well as succulent flavors of aji Amarillo, aji panca and the spicy spirit of the rocoto pepper and velvety taste of the lucuma fruit teasing the palate – Julio, along with Zoila, went on to open restaurants in California that encapsulated fundamentals of traditional Peruvian cooking…with a twist.

More About Us!

The Fresca Noe Valley menu boasts dishes infused with Asian, Afro-Peruvian and even California culinary elements, created with only the freshest of ingredients sourced from locally grown fruits, vegetables, prime cuts of meats, seafood and fresh slabs of fish. We invite you to discover all the hidden culinary gems of one of the most fertile lands in all the world, from Lomo Saltado, Pollo a la Brasa and Aji de Gallina to the legendary Ceviches.

Fresca Noe Valley: Where Nouveau Peruvian Cuisine Takes Center Stage. A simple walk into the lavishly yet comfortably appointed dining room…a discreet whiff of the tantalizingly unique culinary creations cooking in the kitchen…a mere taste of cuisine so authentically Peruvian it won’t take long to discover you’re someplace very special…We are Fresca Noe Valley, and nobody does Nouveau Peruvian cuisine like us.